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Six33Props, LLC

"...And All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You"


Six33Props is a real estate investment company on a mission.  A mission that starts with standing on biblical principle from which the name is derived:  Matthew 6:33. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness..." then reaping the promises and rewards of that decision. Join me on a journey to financial freedom- a journey that begins with financial literacy, strategic real estate investing and multifamily acquisitions -culminating in our ultimate desired result: blessed to be a blessing!


Purpose Driven Properties Philosophy

Six33Props has a two-fold purpose.  First, to achieve financial freedom and build a legacy for our future generations through acquiring and purchasing performing assets in the form of real estate investments.  Secondly, a strong focus on purchasing property to rehab in some of our most under served communities by providing affordable, quality homes in these neighborhoods for people to live in.  Six33Props seeks not only to change the look of the communities we seek to invest in, but the atmosphere and vibe that makes its residents want to be active participants in the gentrification that they see taking place. Make no mistake about it, the PDP philosophy seeks to gentrify these communities in a non traditional way apart from how that process typically occurs- by changing less than desirable living conditions to highly desirable ones by altering the way in which that community looks, feels and thrives- bringing back the heartbeat that ushers in growth and vitality for the residents that live there so that when we are gone, they will be proud to once again, and still, call it home.

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The firm’s strategy focuses on improving, thereby adding value to  Class B & C apartment communities in secondary and tertiary markets nationwide. These are turbulent times and uncertain times for any investor but what we know historically, is that real estate has been the least volatile and most stable-the most predictable vehicle of any kind for investing in economic downturns while still offering strong upside potential during up cycles. Within the multifamily market, Class B & C properties provide one of the most attractive investment opportunities out there primarily due to the market imbalance- a strong and growing demand for these units and the limited new supply available.


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