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Have Faith Will Travel!

Ok. Made a phone call yesterday to my servicing company because, like I figured, 'account in forbearance' is still on my credit. The supervisor I requested to speak with was in the 'infamous' meeting so I got the names of my account supervisor and hers and left a message. Not surprisingly -no callback yet. The good thing is the mortgage lender I'm using was able to prequalify me for a loan and I have now been given a loan approval with underwriting conditions of having the entry removed from my report and my payments showing paid on time, prior to closing. I put in an offer of 105,000 on a 139,900 duplex- the property had been listed for months- but the owner's agent countered-said it was too low, and they had another offer on the table for close to asking price. They weren't willing to go below 136,000 with no seller concessions, so I offered 136,000. My realtor said they had a cash offer on the table from an out of town investor so it looks like it may be a done deal. Anyway, one way or the other, my goal will still be to find that multifamily deal that will work within my budget so that I can take advantage of the 203K loan. I'm also set to close next week on the home in NJ. Let me tell you, I've received a lot of advise from people suggesting I probably should walk away from the NJ property for several reasons: the profit margins are slim, I'm an out of town investor, good, reputable contractors who aren't shysters, can be difficult to find and be an investors biggest nightmare. Yet and still, I'm moving forward, God be my helper. I'm trusting Him to lead, guide and direct my path so I'm standing on His word that tells me that if 'You commit your plans to the Lord, they will succeed'. The Word doesn't give any qualifiers- no conventional thinking analysis, none of that. What I know and He has shown me time and time again, is that Gods ways are not man's ways. And my own personal experience has been that He always shows up in ways that you would never imagine. I think its God's way of showing us that He is the great I AM. And the I AM is not ordinary-not conventional. I believe He almost wants things to look impossible or at the very least improbable so He can show up and show out. That way once you past the test...the test of FAITH and trusting in Him... you have an incredible testimony to the sovereignty, greatness, goodness and power of the Most HIGH God. My goal and my prayer in my own journey is to have the kind of faith Job had. So when Satan was going to and fro doing what he does, seeking whom he can destroy, God asked him in Job 1:8, "Have you considered my servant Job?" God knew what kind of man of faith Job was and no matter what Satan did to Job he was going to keep trusting God. That's where I want to be in my faith walk with the Lord, knowing that if God is for you who can be against you! Not all the demons out of the lowest pits of Hell that's who! Hallelujah to God. If you haven't read my book "Chasing Fools Gold: God's Favor through the Fog" email me for how to get a copy.

Be blessed all...Until next week...

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