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Ignorance is Bliss?

What’s up y'all? I didn’t get any responses from people revealing what their credit scores are, so I’m assuming- well not assuming- I can see that there weren’t a lot of people who read the blog, but I hope it’s not due to shame because your score isn’t as high as you want it to be. One thing about it, bad credit is fixable and when you know better you do better. My purpose is to put all those who are as ignorant as I was to the game on the right track. You know I actually had pretty good credit before I had to file bankruptcy after going through a divorce, but even then it was probably more due to the fact that my husband made good money -definitely not because I was credit literate. I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2013 and after 5 years of scheduled payments my bankruptcy was discharged, which basically means starting over again with poor credit, no credit cards, but no debt, except for the mortgage for my house that was outside the bankruptcy. Since then I have been able to acquire a couple of credit cards,( I would highly recommend Capital One), with very low credit limits and have managed in a couple of years to get my score up from the low 500’s to 625. My goal is a minimum score of 740 which, on my own, would probably take me at least a year to reach if not longer, so I decided to go with a company called #wholesaletradelines- a channel that I found on Youtube where they post a new show every day about how to improve your credit and depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, the best and most expeditious way to do it. I would recommend those of you that are in the same boat I was in to check out the channel. About 3 weeks ago, I paid them to perform a credit sweep and I added a tradeline to my credit report that should be showing up very shortly. I’ll let you know the impact to my score once it hits. (P.S. I didn’t even know what a tradeline was!!! Ignorance is definitely NOT bliss...its B.S. )

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