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It's Closing Day!

Well it's my scheduled closing day and here is the latest update. I received a DENIAL letter from my lender who stated that my credit report showed 120 days late some years ago and you're not allowed to have more than two 30 day lates within the past two years. Crazy...never once in almost 60 days of going back and forth with the lender and the underwriters did the "more than two 30 day lates" issue ever come up. As a matter of fact, the prequalifying terms for an FHA loan require that you not have had a late payment on a mortgage within the past year of filing the application. Now, I've been accused of seeing a demon behind every bush, so I'll stay true to form and say 'demon-bush'. How do you get to almost the day of closing, after receiving my application that included credit reports, tax returns, bank statements, etc etc and then come back with "oops" you never should have never been given a prequalification, followed by a congratulatory Tru Loan approval letter and one month later a denial, coupled with telling my realtor that I hadn't even submitted a formal application?!! Underwriters don't request information from a customer who hasn't even submitted a formal application! I could go on and on about the legitimacy or lack there of- of their final resolution but let me get to the more important story. Seeing where all this appeared to be going, as I told you in the last blog I was looking for investors to move forward with this purchase. Well... I found them. Or better still, He sent them to me. Now, not only will my deposit be returned from the title company but the seller is willing to give me and the investors that have come on board with me, an additional 30 days due diligence. So, instead of the original plan of putting a duplex on this lot, then building more units later down the road - and having to find the funding, the structural engineering and architectural design plans etc, now I have partners who have all of the missing elements I didn't have and when we go to close in approximately 30 days, we will be able to begin construction of my 6 to 8 unit complex IMMEDIATELY with all the funding already in place! I think I said in one of my previous posts that I was advised that the best avenue to pursue was to do all of the building at one time and I said to you " you know where I'm going" the great I AM THAT I AM!!!!!! Make no mistake about it people. This is the work of Almighty God. His favor, His guidance and direction.

His WORD and His hand on my life. Trust and believe, the Word says in Matthew 17:20 ' if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” I believe that. I've seen it work. I'm seeing it work and it is INCREDIBLE . To God be the glory! Until next time...

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