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It's Count Down...For all of us.

Well, I'm exactly one week out from the closing on my Phoenix property. As I prepare to close and I am watching the home going service for George Floyd, I am reminded of the greatness of the Lord and the plans He has for our lives. I'm sure of all the plans George had that fateful day, being murdered at the hands of the police was probably the last thing he might of imagined as to how his life would come to an end. By all accounts this was a man that was looked up to and was a leader in his community and in his family. And yet we hear some of this strong man's last words were calling on a mother who had already preceded him in death. I believe that when the death angel comes to God's children there is a conversation that takes place- by God's permission- that precedes the spirit leaving one's body. Did he know that because of his death, this country and the world will never be the same? What I do know is that we have our plans and God has His. I've often said that there are worse things than death. Even scriptures refer to death of believers as 'those who have fallen asleep'(1 Thessalonians 4:14) and it also says that some who have fallen asleep God has allowed them to come home to prevent them from suffering. I believe that wholeheartedly. I believe He allowed my mother to pass on for that very reason. Nevertheless, even though my original purpose and plans were one thing with this property and the financing that I got excited about initially appears to be all but over... what hasn't changed is my trust and faith in God Almighty- no matter what the outcome looks like it will be. My wonderful realtor was calling me, worried that my deposit was in danger and she didn't want me to lose it. I rest assured her that it doesn't matter to me if I lose the money. Because my faith is not in my bank account - or my part time job. My faith and my commitment is to the Lord and He has promised me that if I commit my plans to Him they will succeed. He didn't say if I put my trust in my money or my job, they will succeed, He said my trust in Him. Bottom line for me is this.... In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33). One day we all are going to go the way of all flesh- to the grave. The question becomes who were we as human beings, and what will our legacy be once we are gone and where will our eternal souls final destination be- heaven or hell? This is the question for us all. So, as an unbelieving friend of mine has said, 'it really just depends on what you believe'. To which I say, well my brother, if what God says and what I believe is true, when I die it ain't over. But if I'm wrong, you and I both will just be dead. But if you're wrong think Arizona is hot?! I say what the scriptures say: Romans 3:4

Let God be true and every man a liar. Until next week...

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