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Oct 1, 2020 - National 'Chickens Coming Home to Roost' Day!

What a day this has been for me! I got an email from a lender I was going through a refi with that was scheduled to close two weeks ago informing my current lender that I had been told clearly that they were not moving forward with the loan because they do loans based on the AS IS value of the home and not the ARV! First of all I have never heard of a hard money lender funding a purchase based on the AS IS value and not the ARV. Secondly, I was never told they weren't moving forward with the loan and just figured it out after calling the rep who promised to call me back but never did. Without going into the full details of their claim, the bottom line is they ordered an appraisal- which I paid for- that came back at 650,000 which didn't even include the finished attic in the architectural plans because the dimensions still needed to be approved by the city, which would have increased the value even more by another 100,000. Bottom line is either I was misled by the lender or there was something else going on. I have my suspicions as to what that might be but that aside I trust and believe that my God is still in control. As I was leaving work tonight I then get a text from a colleague of mine stating that POTUS has tested positive for the corona virus. Only a couple of days ago I watched this man get on the world stage and do what he does best: lie, lie, and lie some more, lodge vicious attacks against the former Vice President and his children, while making fun of how often he wears masks during a pandemic that has already killed over a quarter of a million Americans! How foolish does he look right about now? Topping off his childish performance when asked by the moderator to denounce what the FBI has determined to be the most dangerous threat to our national security-white supremacists, he absolutely refused to do so. So much so that after he gave a shout out to one of these terrorist organizations, a tweet was sent out saying, 'the president has given us permission to f..k them up'. That was Sept 29. On Oct1 I heard the rooster crow and the announcement made that Trump has tested positive for corona virus. There is a song sung by the character Shug Avery in the movie "Color Purple" that comes to mind as the media and political pundits now begin the analysis of what all of this is going to mean for the country, the election and the 'hoax' that was deliberately and intentionally played down to the world but can no longer be down played in the White House: the song is called 'God is trying to tell you something'. What we see here is the clearest example of Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Another scripture says the Lord hates a lying tongue. I say, God don't try to do nothing. I believe He warns us and wants to give us a chance to do what is right and pleasing in His sight, but when we choose to be rebellious, wicked, ungodly and think more highly of ourselves than we ought - we will suffer the consequences of our actions unless we repent. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if Pharaoh gets the message.

Amen and cock-a-doodle doo. Until next week...

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