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You know you always have to stay vigilant and watch for the attacks that are bound to come at you when you're trying to live right and follow the word of God. I got caught up this past week, so much so that I forgot about writing my blog last Friday. The word of God tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 that we must always be on guard against our adversary the devil, and much to my dismay I fell into his trap and had to ask the Lord to forgive me for playing right into Satan's hands. I won't go into too much detail of how I got sucked in, but suffice to say, the roaring lion that came at me, came as he always comes- through those we love. You'll find most often that he never attacks you in areas where you are not challenged, but ALWAYS in the areas where you are most vulnerable. For me, its my family. I don't have a problem with drugs or alcohol so those doors to the enemy are never open. But I have a weakness for my family- so just like clockwork, the enemy does what he does and I get attacked through one of my family members. So, I have to admit that the excitement and elation I had been feeling with everything that the Almighty was doing in my life- the recent move to a place I'd asked the Lord for, the new, unexpected partnership He brought my way in my real estate endeavors- was somewhat diminished for a minute...and I do mean a minute. Let me say this to the enemy of my soul: You will not bring me down to the pits where you reside. You will not stop the favor of God in my life. You will not score a victory in your attempts to kill, steal and destroy anything about me. I am a child of the King. I am what He says I am in Christ Jesus and I am going to go forward full steam ahead, God be my helper, with the things that God has for me. What I do know is that the Devil is a liar- and my God is the truth and the only Truth that matters. My job is to stay focused on Him, keep trusting in Him and be of good cheer. When the enemy uses someone you love to try to get you off your game, you have to recognize it for what it is...make sure you're doing right and what 'thus sayest the Lord' and keep it moving. I believe that once you examine self and make sure that you are doing what is right in God's eyes; that you do unto others what you want others to do unto you, and truly and honestly know that you are- you just have to shake the dust off your feet and move on. What I realize is that it is certainly possible to still love people that have wronged you over and over again, but some people you have to love from a distance. For myself, its time to let go and let God fight this battle and know that when he has it - it will work out the way it is supposed to. The circumstances with the property that my partnership is looking at have changed but I'll update you about that as it happens. I am still beyond excited with what I know God is doing in my life and I am eager to see what He has for me going forward. I've heard it said that when you're doing and walking in God's plan and purpose and that old serpent, the devil, rears its ugly head- it simply means that you're at the precipice of something GREAT! I say... Hallelujah to God's plan and purposes and Hallelujah to the Great and Almighty God! Until next time...

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