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Branding. As I am working on my website and researching different companies who offer digital marketing services and website monitoring for maximum social media integration, I knew, for one, I didn't want to have to focus on the whole social media thing, because its just so time consuming and being a novice to the ins and outs of how to market and who and what platforms to market to and how many you should be interacting with- its just way more work than I really want to do or want to have to focus on. I know I have a strong brand and I just need a professional to make sure that the website is just as strong and targets my intended audience of current and potential investors. That being said, I know that having a strong social media presence is crucial for your business today so either I have to do a deep dive into educating myself about marketing or I can just do what I do with what I know how to do- and let the professionals do the rest to take my brand to the next level. Making that decision to "stay in my lane" means I'm going to have to hire someone to accomplish that so here is my question. There are so many companies out there that offer different services as far as hosting and managing your website, and the pricing is just about as diverse. I've been quoted flat fees starting at $2500 or monthly services ranging from $300 - $1400. So do I go with a one time fee and see how well that goes or invest in a monthly service that offers a six to twelve month contract? I'm interested in getting some suggestions and opinions from people with minimal knowledge of social media marketing like myself, and some of you veterans of the game. What is working for you and what didn't work for you? I need a strike y'all! Thanks family. Until next blessed!

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