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Syndication is the Determination for Amelioration...

I was on the website for MF Capital Partners and I was trying to get a better idea of how to explain syndication to my potential investors and how this vehicle is possible for the "little" man who doesn't believe they could ever do what we're doing with multifamily investing, when I came across @Tyler_Deveraux's very simple and straight forward explanation to the question most uneducated people, (like myself prior to this mentorship program), probably want to know: How can I actually get into the commercial multifamily space and: WHAT IS APARTMENT SYNDICATION? Tyler says this: The most basic definition of syndication I can think of is, “a group of individuals or companies combining their resources (time, expertise, money, etc) to do something they couldn’t do, or that would be very hard to do, on their own." A LOT of people would love to benefit from owning an appreciating asset, like an apartment complex, that provides cash flow and extremely attractive tax incentives. However, very few people have the ability (time, expertise, money, etc) to purchase a big apartment complex on their own". That's about as 'straight up no chaser' as it gets but it also reminds me of

a saying in the Black community that " it takes a village to raise a child". It's a similar concept when it comes to "syndication". To be successful in raising up this child to become a productive, income generating asset that we can be proud of in what it produces for us AND for the people it serves, we must have all of the pieces in place that are vested in that child's success. The sponsor- the investors-the asset manager. Those elements along with faith in my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ who promises me in Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it- is a recipe for success God knows. Hmm...that's also a pretty good analogy. That's exactly how I'm going to explain it! Thanks MF! (Capital Partners)

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