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They Did the Monster Mash...Hopefully.

As I was thinking about what to write in this week's blog my mind is overloaded with all the craziness that is taking place in this country right now that almost makes talking about credit inconsequential. But on the other hand you can always find a life lesson in any choices we make because there will always be a result that will either be to our advantage or to our detriment. You know I only got into the credit game after being a caregiver for my loved ones where I had to be totally focused on everything caretaker related. My wants had to be put on the back burner because what was most important at the time was what they needed and what they required. I spoke to my brother today and he reminded me that we both had been wrong about how long its been since our sister passed away. We thought it had been 3 years when it has actually been 4. I remember always thinking back then that there was never enough time in the day to do the things I needed to do, and even though that responsibility is gone, I still feel the same way today. I guess our priorities in life and what we deem is truly important and the effect that our choices have on others will always be more impactful when its all said and done. I just got an email stating that there were some important changes to my credit score and since I hadn't made any recent purchases or applied for any new credit I didn't know what those changes might be. Apparently, since my mortgage loan was transferred to another servicer it is showing the loan was paid off which dropped by scores by 17 points, taking me down to 695 and out of the 700's! So after being laser focused and on top of my credit, something totally out of my control brought down my score. Again a reminder of the fact that sometimes things you don't see coming and could never anticipate can blindside you causing you to alter your course. Well, c'est la vie. It happens. Certainly not the end of the world. But the things we can do that are within our control, like my choice to be a caregiver to mitigate the pain and suffering of my loved ones, is what God desires of us; a spiritual imperative I believe most decent human beings would agree is 'a good thing.' That being said, you don't have to hire someone to help you see the pain and turmoil that is the United States of America. And now all of us are presented with a choice: a choice that should be easy, a choice that should be crystal clear. The question for us is as simple as this: What would you do if you knew that a serial killer was living among your friends and family? Perpetrating like he's your friend pretending to have your best interests at heart. Would you look away and pretend you don't see what you clearly see and do nothing? Not likely- or I should say, hopefully not. When monsters kill people on tv, you know its not real, its what monsters do. What do you do if the monster is real, not a senator in Congress but the man living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that's gutting this country like a fish?!! I believe most Americans are sick of this lack of leadership, hatred and division: the most recent being the FBI's arrest of 13 rightwing terrorists plotting to kidnap and kill a governor and overthrow the government! And not so much as a single word of rebuke of these perpetrators by the president but instead choosing to attack the governor! Not to mention the thousands dead and dying with no plan in place to effectively lead us out of this pandemic and economic disaster. Lets be clear: A leopard rarely changes its spots people, not even if he bathes himself in remdesivir and Clorox disinfectant! Bottom line is we all know what must be done. I leave you with God's word found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 ' if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.' Until next week...

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