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Weeping May Endure for a Night...but Joy Comes Jan 20th

Well, we've finally ushered in a new administration and prayerfully things will start to change in this country- starting with the overall tone and common sense rhetoric coming from our leadership, The obvious priority of the incoming administration is getting control of the virus and helping the American people to provide for their families until we can safely get back to something resembling a normal way of life. With a promising vaccine on the horizon, laying out and implementing a long overdue national strategy to save lives must be the first goal that unfortunately is already being undermined, by a vindictive, childish, petty- soon to be ex-President showing in true to form fashion- as he has for four years- that his only focus and concern is for himself and he could care less about the American people -or any people for that matter- including his own cult-like, diehard supporters. Pitiful. You know how you can recognize the spirit of a thing, it's when that thing has the potential, the opportunity and the means to keep people from dying but chooses not to. Plain and simple. The Bible calls it"spiritual wickedness in high places." To me he's the poster child for Ephesians: 6:12. But aside from the current president's followers living in the Twilight Zone, one of which is a co worker of mine who actually bet me $100 that this guy actually won the election, most of us on planet earth are elated to get back to some semblance of decency and truth... and I for one, am thanking God that we can finally put some of this craziness behind us-- at least for a while. Because don't ever get it twisted, the current leader did do something that perhaps only a spirit like his could have- exposed the heart and soul of 70 million Americans; people who voted for less character, less democracy, less unity, less equality, less decency, less justice, less humanity,

less constitutionality and unequivocally less love for your fellow man. Yes, fellow Americans who voted for more lies, more hypocrisy more authoritarianism, more hatred, more greed, more dictatorship, more division, more inhumanity and more injustice. And that is a lesson we must never ever forget. Now- how we move forward will be challenging to say the least. And it will be incumbent on each of us to do what we can to change what we can. Only God can change the heart. The Biden administration has stated that they are committed to programs and providing funding that will target low to moderate income minority families that will help put them on the path to home ownership as well as providing government assistance in communities of color that have been hit hardest by Co Vid and job losses. It is the goal of my companies, Six33 Props and Real Estate Design Developers, to be a part of this effort. I'm excited about the possibilities of what can still be. I know that no matter what it looks like- God is still in charge and it ain't over until He says its over. I thank you Father God for the open doors and the closed doors. So once again I say, praise the name of the Lord! It is over for the current occupant of the White House but for the rest of us it's just the beginning. Stay encouraged. Stay in faith. Until next week...

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