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When I Snap My Fingers ...

Not a whole lot new going on since the last blog except to say I'm in a holding pattern right now. I'm not sure how many more days to go for my final architectural approvals but one thing I do know is that we're "rounding the corner" on where this country is headed. As we continue to reach milestones in percentages of Americans testing positive for CoVid and the millions of early voting ballots being cast in this country, I only hope and pray that this nightmare is soon coming to an end. My thoughts go to wondering after all is said and done, what the history books will say about how this country allowed this one man- the Jim Jones of the 21st century, to convince so many people, not just your ordinary, everyday Americans but those in positions of power- those charged with protecting home and country, elected by the people to defend us against all threats both foreign and DOMESTIC, to be responsible for more Americans dying over eight months than Osama Bin Laden could have ever dreamed of! That the greatest loss of American lives by foreign terrorists would be a side bar- pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands that have died as a result of deliberate, willful inaction and outright lies and lack of leadership from our own President. I believe this presidency will go down in history as the ultimate terrorist attack. I believe words like traitor, treason, and high crimes and misdemeanors will be part of the lexicon. Yes I do, and should be: 215,000+ dead Americans, racial unrest and division, historic job losses and economic devastation, untold corruption and moral depravity. I say tell the truth and shame the devil. I might not live to read about it but my children will. Maybe we could do something like Pharaoh did in the movie The Ten Commandments when he abolished Moses out of Egypt (and this was a righteous man)and gave this edict...Let the name of Moses be stricken from every record...I know that probably won't be the case but the name of Donald Trump, trust and believe, will go down in infamy with the likes of Adolf Hitler, David Karesh, Jim Jones, and the Devil in a Blue Suit. That being said...hold on to your seats people. Oh, "we are rounding the corner" but if I were a betting woman, I would bet

this is just the beginning and we ain't seen nothing yet. Until next week...

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