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When the Wicked Rule...The People Mourn

I suppose the title of this blog says it all, but in the midst of national mourning I have some great news. Six33Props has now acquired its first property! Yesssss, I am so full right now and as usual, God has blessed me in a way I would have never seen coming. I can't say I'm surprised but I think there are many who would be, with all that's going on in this country right now...from the uncertainty of the financial markets...CoVid... and now the chaos and protesting taking place after the murder of an unarmed, black man by the police. You know it really doesn't matter whether you are a believer or not but there are just some indisputable facts that are true whether you believe them or not. You may not believe in the idea of gravity but if you step off a ten story building you will find out rather quickly that gravity is real. Same thing in the spiritual realm and God is a spirit and His words are spirit and His word is truth. I believe that most normal thinking individuals that love their children and family would give anything or give up anything to keep their loved ones safe. You expect when you see people go through natural disasters and lose everything, most, if they haven't lost a loved one would tell can always replace stuff. So why when people are destroying buildings and stuff, do we now focus on the material destruction and not the willful destruction and nationally televised murder of a black man who was suspected of possibly trying to pass a fake $20 bill. Isn't it ironic that the black man that took 'a knee' to bring attention to the exact actions that took George Floyd's life was himself called a son of a bitch and summarily had his career ended as a result. A man's career destroyed because he didn't want there to be another George Floyd. I wonder what the Colin Kaepernick haters think about him now. It's beyond ironic that it was another knee that took life in the most callous, cold-hearted, evil, carefree, nonchalant manner imaginable-live and in living color. And if seeing a police officer murder a man that is begging for his life, who told us 'they are going to kill me', as the cop kept his knee on his neck and his hand in his pocket- insult to injury is the name of the game when the killer is arrested 5 or 6 days later and charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter ....3rd degree? I didn't even know there was a 3rd degree. So now what? Is this the set up where he eventually will be released with time served and 80 hours of community service? And you want to know why people are burning down s***?!! Let's get real people. Let's not act like true substantive social change hasn't always involved violence, protests...rioting. From the civil rights era where black people who followed MLK protested peacefully but had dogs sicced on them, or water hoses used on the 'peaceful' crowds. Or the incident that John Lewis experienced on Bloody Sunday on the Edmund Pettus bridge and the violent acts perpetrated against the marchers by the established order. The system of law and order that this president wants to herald. When people get tired of being sick and tired after vocalizing time and time again a reality of discrimination and systemic prejudice- it is no surprise that what we see taking place in this country is simply par for the course. IF well meaning people are serious about respecting and acknowledging and doing something about the socio economic inequality and injustice that is endemic for brown and black people in this country...start calling a duck a duck. Start calling out the king of lawlessness, racist, bigoted demon that has stoked nothing but vitriol since he got to the White House but his words and his actions have been deemed everything except what they are: HATEful-divisive-and profoundly racist. I remember a line in the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman where the slavemaster told the slaves trying to buy their freedom that they owed more money. He told them "the Klan don't stop doing what they do just cuz you say hole it." What you say! True change- change in policy, change in established systems- change in hearts and minds- requires doing the hard work: disrupting the status quo and making those who have the luxury of being comfortable uncomfortable. It's the only way true, effective, tangible change is going to take place. A good friend of mine, a white co-worker, said something very powerful to me. "When you have lived a life of privilege, equality feels like oppression. Welcome to our world. I'll leave you with some spiritual truths: Proverbs 29:2 ...

When the wicked rule, the people mourn. And to the Floyd family and the 2 min call they received from the President, Ecclesiasticus 12:16 comes to mind: An enemy speaks sweetly with his lips but in his heart he imagines how to throw you in a pit." I was just wondering..., why do you think there has never been a constitutional amendment that omitted where black people are considered 3/5th of a person? Hmmm. Wicked people. Watch out for the pit. Until next time.

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