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You Say You Have Stones?

As I'm sitting here going through Day 2 of the 12 Week Year in @TheMultifamilyMindset mentorship training, there's a chapter entitled 'Change Threatens the Brain' which says: The key is taking action and moving towards our goals consistently even when things go awry. Followed by "Well, No sh..!" I love how @Tyler_Deveraux's teaching style keeps it real-, but he goes on to say "Goal setting is conscious, but goal achievement not so much". Ain't that the truth. The road to failure is paved with good intentions. The reason why the "not so much" is all too common is because our brains are threatened by this new way of thinking -this course deviation, so it resists the change when things don't magically fall into place by pacifying or placating the mind with thoughts like "I just need more time. God is looking over me." Now you know I say God is looking over me - God's got me, all the time. But it's only because the word I hear from Him tells me "Faith WITHOUT works is dead "(James 2:20) In other words, everything about a true belief in something involves action. PERIOD. This goal thing...this faith symbiotic. If you don't do, you don't get. It requires being all in. When David slew Goliath, he came up against a trained killer, a physical specimen that was a bad man. Unfortunately for Goliath though, he came up against a boy child that first had unwavering faith in God -believed in his goal and himself, spoke in the present: "This day the Lord will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you" and THEN he picked up a stone.(1 Samuel 17:46) We all have 'giants' in our lives that seem insurmountable. But if you're careful how you hear

and what you listen to: I can do all things through Christ, I am the lender and not the borrower, there are more with us, than with them- at least that's how I hear...your brain will get in line with your spirit and your actions! Hallelujah to Almighty God! Until next week...

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