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Six33Props, LLC was established as a Limited Liability Company in Scottsdale, Arizona on 11/27/2019 with the expectation of rapid expansion in the real estate investment industry. The company purchased its first single-family investment property in May 2020 in Westfield, NJ.  My previous experience in the industry included working as a real estate broker and appraiser in South Florida.  On a personal level, I’ve worn many hats. I graduated from Cornell University in 1983 and have worked as a model/actress for over 30 years.   If you’re careful not to blink you can see my bit parts in “Any Given Sunday” with Jamie Foxx and Al Pacino, “Holy Man" with Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum and the latest, “Beach Bum,” with Matthew McConaughey.  


My current day job is a Service Assurance Leader for FedEx.  I also was the creator and co-host of "The Spill" -a Youtube / radio talk show, and I am the author of a self-published memoir, entitled "Chasing Fool’s Gold God’s Favor Through the Fog".  (I was married to a NFL player so you can just about guess how I came up with that title!) I am an avid movie lover, devoted to my family and friends who tries to live and govern my life according to God's word and Christian principles, with the understanding that I am blessed to be a blessing- always.  Not perfect by any means, but continually pressing towards the mark! Finally, and one of my primary reasons for pursuing multifamily investing, is to create a legacy for two of the greatest  loves of my life, my beautiful children -Shayla Simmons, and Hawathia Dominique Wilson.

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