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Freedom is as Freedom Does...

It's just about the end of the month and as of Jan. 22 my credit score is at 714, up from 696 from last time. The reason I believe is that some of the disputed items in the credit sweep were removed (the tradeline that I bought was still at almost 30% utilization and has not updated yet). What I don't know now, in spite of the increase to my score by purchasing a tradeline, is where my score will end up after the tradeline is no longer there. Tradelines that are not primary don't stay on your file permanently. From what I understand your score will go down some but not "significantly" so we'll see. On a side note, I just returned from a real estate investment conference in New Orleans with the Multifamily Movement Group taught by this 30 something brilliant young man name Jullien Gordon who has managed to reach financial freedom as a result of investing in multifamily properties and teaches us how to do the same. So inspirational ... so motivational to be with over 100 other like minded men and women putting into practice all the things he's taught us as he puts us on the same path to our own "freedom number." Your freedom number is when the passive income you receive from your investments is greater than your monthly expenses. Do you know what your freedom number is? It's different for everyone depending on your lifestyle whether you have lots of debt or whether you have a simpler lifestyle and very little debt. But regardless of where you may fall in the equation, I think most of us would leave the plantation tomorrow if we could get enough passive income to not have to be on somebody's clock. I know that's my goal and God be my helper I will get there! Can I get an AMEN ?!!

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