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Give Me My Flowers While I'm Alive...

As I watch the tribute to the iconic John Lewis as he is being honored as a true champion of civil rights in this country -as he joins many of the other iconic mentors that preceded him in life, I am also reminded of the the hypocrisy of these 'pretenders' that stand to speak at the Capitol on his behalf after the life that the man lived is no more. My mother used to say ' give me my flowers while I'm alive' and that's why when the funeral director asked what we wanted the flower arrangements to be, I told him there weren't going to be any. I gave her her flowers when she was with me so there was no need to put on a 'show' to convince anyone what my mother meant to me. The duplicity of those who fought his efforts every single day he was in Congress fighting for justice and equality for the 'least of these' now pretending to honor the man and what he represented is disgraceful, in my view. I'm sure John Lewis spent countless sleepless nights trying to right the wrongs of a unfair, partisan system in this country that leans more toward the rich and not the poor, white and not black, the powerful and not the powerless and what's in the interest of the few and not the masses. There's so many things that could have been different for John's struggle if the people fighting righteousness themselves were different. I'm amazed at how this country for the last 3 or 4 months is printing money like its going out of style. Why? Because the need to get the country back on track calls for it. Its the right thing to do. The economy needs to being righted as we are in a free fall, so free money is being deposited in peoples accounts to the tune of trillions! Why? It's the right thing to do. There's also an election around the corner, so in this pandemic where millions are out of work and people can't pay their bills and provide for their families, what would NOT giving money to help with feeding one's children look like at the voting booths for the man who's on the ballot? No, at least for #45 its without question, the right thing to do. Along this same line of reasoning, I wonder if John was thinking how easy a call it could and should be to right another wrong- by way of financial reparations for the ancestors of enslaved black folk for giving this country over 400 years of free labor? It's the right thing to do, right? Hyprocrisy, deceit, insincerity is what it boils down to- plain and simple. It's a lack of want to... as my ex used to put it ... and you can't give someone want to; they either have it or they don't. Who among us, clothed in their right mind, believes that those who voted to dismantle the voting rights act giving all Americans the basic right to vote led by the Mitch McConnells of the world, in any shape form or fashion has a heart for the man John Lewis was and what he represented? Those who with every waking breath do nothing that is just or righteous, but let lawlessness reign unchecked in the highest office in the land. Who know full well the criminality and illegality of the head masters actions and make no attempt to right wrongs of the past and the present that are so glaringly obvious. When the criminal justice system can still hold thousands of people of color in prison for selling or using marijuana that is now bringing millions of dollars to those allowed to profit from its sale and manufacturing (for medicinal purposes of course); the very weed that has decimated so many communities of color- that's injustice, a wrong that needs to be righted. Why not institute and order the immediate release of all incarcerated for these kind of minor drug offenses? It seems like an easy right. Am I right? You know...

you may not know what's truly in someone's heart, but the saying the proof of the pie is in the eating is a fact 100% of the time. For me, don't pee on my head and tell me its raining. Don't have stood against everything John Lewis stood for and then tell me how much you honor him. That's tantamount to proclaiming Jesus was a good man as you hammer the nails in his feet! Most people who loved and truly respected the accomplishments and efforts of a John Lewis may be crazy to still believe in his lofty ideals but we sure ain't stupid. John Lewis talked about his simple roots, his cotton field upbringing but he was rich in spirit and strived to serve God and humanity which in my estimation made him very wealthy. When you live a life that strives to honor God and serve people, its His approval that you seek; its His acknowledgment "well done my good and faithful servant" that ultimately matters. His eyes are closed now but when they were open he probably never imagined the things his 80 years would mean to the world and although that time is done, as it will be for us all, there will still be a reckoning at the judgment seat of God for the things he did while he walked this earth! God bless John Robert Lewis' heart. Until next time...

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