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Good Seed....

First let me start by saying happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Shayla M. Simmons! I'm so thankful to God for the daughter He blessed me with 36 years ago today. Seems like such a long time ago and at the same time it feels just like yesterday. I sometimes ask the Lord what did I do to deserve the gift of such a wonderful human being who has always been such blessing in my life. Our relationship is special and reminiscent of my relationship with my own mother. I guess its just the spiritual law that the Lord tells us about in Galatians 6:7, the principle of sowing and reaping and I just praise God for the harvest. As far as my credit is concerned, my new credit card is reporting to the credit bureaus and is currently showing a score of 722 on Experian and the first statement is scheduled to post the 21st. Also, I recently contacted Rent Reporters, which is a service that will report up to 24 months of rent payments to Transunion and potentially Equifax for an initial $69 fee and $9.99 per month. I rented an apartment last year from Aug /2018 to Aug/2019 with no late payments so let's see what that reporting will reflect. The good thing about this service is that they promise to refund your money if your credit score doesn't increase so I'll let you how that works out. I'm still scheduled to close on Mar 15 but in the meantime I've set up a meeting with an investment group on Monday because I want to start networking locally with other investors and potential partners! Oh, that beautiful girl in the purple is my baby Shayla!

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