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Ok, here is the update I promised about my credit. I purchased a tradeline for 855.00 that was aged 5 yrs and had a credit limit of 17,700. It did post to my account during the timeframe that was indicated (all based on the credit holders statement date). Unfortunately, the utilization for that tradeline was 30% creating a negative on Experian. The utilization that is recommended for positive reporting is under 29%. In spite of the worst possible scenario for a tradeline purchase, my credit score did go up 26 points from 670 to 696. The credit repair service did indicate that OVER credit utilization of 29% is the one outcome beyond their control and advised that I contact them immediately, which I did. Experian noted in the report that the prior utilization on that card had been 14% so the jump to 30%, although the age and limit helped my score, it didn’t have the overall impact it should have had at 14%. I did contact the credit service and advise them about the tradeline so I will let you know what happens with that. I also received notice from Experian that they were in receipt of 91 open disputes (as a result of the credit sweep I also purchased) and they would be updating me once the research is completed. My goal as I stated to the credit service is to obtain business credit which most of the information I’ve learned requires a personal credit score of 720. There are other requirements, but that’s the goal. Remember people, faith without works is dead! We can't just be spectators on the sideline, we have to take action to make change. Stay tuned...

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