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Maybe George Lucas had another Luke in mind...

Update: The lender that I was going through to get the downpayment for my real estate investment, advised me that due to this Co-Vid19 environment, they're putting all loans on temporary hold until they figure out where the market is going. In light of this new "situation" I have reached out to a private contact, who himself, is actually a contractor as well as a real estate company owner to see if he would be willing to partner with me as an investor and contractor on the rehab. On another note- for the past 8 days I haven't been to work because I have been under the weather- coughing, slightly labored breathing, headache, congestion in my chest and throat, body aches and fatigue. I had a CO-Vid 19 test on Friday and was told I needed to self quarantine until I get the results. All that being said, I say again, I trust God. I believe His word- no matter what the results are and I will continue to press on. I am not discouraged, I am not deterred- my faith tells me that faith without works is dead...No weapon formed against me shall prosper ...and God's word is not just TALK but power! The same power, hallelujah to God, that rose Jesus from the dead and that same spirit dwells in me. You know people, we should never be surprised that when we take a stand for Jesus, the enemy will attack us and try to get us to deny our faith. Think of it. Satan was bold enough to tempt the SON of God, using God's words verbatim, to get Him to deny God and fall down and worship him(Matthew 4:6-9). That's nervy, that's beyond bold - so you know you and I are fair game. Fortunately for humanity, with Jesus, he was a total failure, and unfortunately for humanity he has been highly successful. Luke 6:46 says this: And why call ye me, Lord Lord, and do not the things which I say? We've seen thousands perish around the world due to this virus and my pastor asks a profound

question: What will we do when this pandemic passes? Will we go back to the word of God and follow his precepts and his commandments or will it be business as usual? Will we stop being hypocritical and live by the "In God we Trust" logo on our currency? Will we seek to put prayer back in schools? Will we repent from the abominations we are now sanctioning? We'll see. But if history has taught us anything it's that from the beginning of creation man has always reverted back to ungodliness, worldliness, carnality and a deep, abiding disrespect, and rebellion to God. To be continued...

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