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The Haves and the Have Nots...

Like all of us today, navigating and adjusting to the new normal in this CoVid world is the lay of the land. Unfortunately I have experienced another loss in my family with the passing of my aunt Doe. She was almost 91 years old, a spitfire matriarch of our family and will be sorely missed. I saw her only a few months ago and she even spoke at my uncle's funeral, oxygen tank in tow. Ironically, she passed exactly 11 years to the day of the passing of her husband. I so thank God for the longevity of life that my family has been blessed with but with longevity comes the inevitable passing of people who have been so intrinsically apart of your life, seemingly one after the other. But when you have family you have everything and you truly are blessed; especially the kind of loving, close knit, crazy family that I have. God has been good to us. Not a whole lot to share about my credit and real estate journey except to say I have started the process of building my business credit through The fee is nominal and they walk you step by step through the basics of what lenders require and the things you have to have in place to qualify for business credit. On a side note I was invited to a ZOOM webinar by my friend that talked about "all things Real Estate" and it was very informative and even more inspirational. This is a time that we can be meeting up with others who have similar goals and interests to partner in potential business ventures and opportunities that most assuredly will be available to those who are informed and prepared in the coming days. My cousin Mel said to me that if there was ever a time for people to get creative and understand the need to figure out how to create alternate sources of income, it's now. On the webinar were real estate and banking professionals giving their insight into to the mortgage and banking industry and how investors and homebuyers will be impacted in the new economy and the new way lenders will do business. The take away that was clear is that only the people who have good to great credit, liquid assets and reserves will be approved for loans, period- and that the normally less stringent credit requirements like a credit score of 580 for a FHA loan will now be minimally 620 and more likely 650-680 and require reserves where reserves weren't required before. This is the time that a great CREDIT SCORE is a necessity and if yours is less than

desirable you need to start fixing it yesterday if you want to have any chance to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will be out there in the coming months. Until next time...God bless and stay safe.

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