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What We Have Here is an Attack of Lunacy!

What we have here is an attack of lunacy... Remember that line in "Which Way is Up?" Maybe not if your a millennial but some of us old heads do. That's the line that comes to mind when I heard about Kanye officially claiming he's entering the Presidential race in November. I guess that's the danger of instituting and normalizing the kind of unqualified, dysfunctional, narcissistic demagogue that occupies the Oval Office presently, but I pray that Mr. West gets the help he obviously needs. But as we can clearly see more and more every day there is real danger in letting just anyone get in a position of power. I think Trump's niece pointed out what doesn't in my estimation get talked about enough in these perilous times when she suggested that the conversation about Donald should really not be about him so much as it should be about the people that surround him; who have fallen in lock step with his actions or non actions at the cost of 100's of thousands of American lives. No, the real conversation should be about the so-called true "patriots" that refuse to stand up and say or do anything that calls out this foolishness and staves off the destruction of the great democracy that we so brag about to the rest of the world. Ok... there is Mitt Romney, but where are the other Republicans willing to call a duck a duck and speak out against the many failings of this man's 'leadership?' And don't be moved by a seemingly glimmer of hope in a factually based, true statement finally emerging from the president's mouth when he admitted- a day after saying it was all just gonna go away-"things are going to get worse before they get better." Bottom line: this country is falling off a cliff, people are dying by the thousands daily as the great United States f America leads the world in corona virus deaths, 17 million people unemployed, medical experts and scientists being sidelined as the 'brilliant genius' gives his opinion on how to get rid of the virus by way of Lysol - and we're still having a conversation about wearing a mask! It's like Helter Skelter in the White House; a truly cult like loyalty to a evil leader bottom line. The real estate company that we just formed met last week and we begin and end as we always do with prayer. I think now like never before the need to pray for our families and others is crucial and it has become more imperative than ever for God's people to stand up and speak up. I listened to a message from a political appointee from my home state of Florida and she was recounting how because of her boldness in calling out wrongness she is hated by many in power. Her faith and belief in Jesus Christ has made her bold when it comes to speaking truth. This has to be the modus operandi of God's people. Yes, you are going to lose some friends and maybe even some family members when you start being bold in the Lord, but when the Lord calls you and you know its His voice, you don't care about losing so-called friends and family. The situation in this country is dire and the answer as is every answer in how to live, can be found in God's holy scriptures. The word tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land." People...we got some work to do. Amen. Until next time...

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