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Yoda Ain't Got Nothing on Me!

The advanced training course given by @Tyler_Deveraux over the weekend talked about the 'framing' that you need to set when you are talking with potential investors or brokers and how crucial it is. It's about creating the tone and tenor of the conversation when you bring the players to the table. The 'power' frame is crucial because it essentially sets the rules by which the game is played and on whose terms the rules are played by. When you are presenting business propositions to people with deep pockets, often times they are used to running the show and being catered to- so not coming off as the fawning lackey is something that they are not used to and having to flip the script can be intimidating. My ex used to say his football coach would always tell the team that "proper preparation prevents poor performance," and his work ethic was always guided by that principle so even if he went on the football field and didn't win, it wasn't because he was unprepared. Studying and knowing as much as you can about the business you're in will give you more confidence to position yourself in the power frame with any investor or player in the game. Knowing the lingo, anticipating the questions, objections or challenges will serve to sharpen your skills for the next presentation and make you even more prepared, whether your target audience is a good fit for your team or not. I firmly believe that ‘all money ain't good money’ and some people, I don't care how much money they have, I would never do business with. But being able to master the ability to turn any negative to a positive is a skillset and good skill sets take practice. Being a "people person" is also a wonderful trait to possess in this business and comes naturally to some people- but not everyone. Even so, I believe having the' power'

frame of mind has more to do with how you really view yourself. If you see yourself as the prize, and these people need you- if you see yourself as the one who is giving something to someone else- meeting a need they have and not just the other way around- you will become a Jedi Master in no time at all! And always remember to smile...Humor and a F-n smile will take you a long way. (That's for Tyler...) Until next week... Be blessed.

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